Sunday, July 20, 2008

11 Pounds of Produce!

Summer is zipping by and the giving garden is thriving. As we near the two month mark we have already harvested 11 pounds of veggies! The domestic radishes, or what I have been known to call beets (I am the novice gardener in the group), have been literally popping out of the ground so fast we can barely keep up with the harvesting. We have also had great success with the elegant Daikon radishes, weighing in at five pounds, and we're not done picking yet. Also, the first of the peppers have been delivered to Lewis House - banana and jalepeno - with much more to come.

I'm sure the folks at Lewis House will be happy to know that everything in the garden is either in bloom or bearing fruit, and they will not have to subsist on radishes alone!

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