Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Liz's instructions for building a Tomato Trellis

From our Master Gardener Liz, who built the trellis in our garden, instructions for how to build one in yours:

I got the idea for the tomato trellis during a visit to Sabathini Urban Garden in Minneapolis.

I thought it was such a great idea I went straight to Home Depot to purchase the supplies, and next thing you know I’m building the trellis with a little help from my son.

4 – 2x2x8’s
2 – 1x2x8’s
2 – 5 inch bolts (to go through two 2x2’s), 4 washers to fit the bolts, and 2 wing nuts to fit the bolts
4 – 4 inch bolts (to go through one 2x2 and one 1x2), 8 washers to fit the bolts, and 4 wing nuts to fit the bolts
Roll of string

Drill & drill bits

Building Instructions
1. Cut one of the 1x2x8’s in half to make two cross bars.
2. In each 2x2x8, drill a hole one foot from the top and another hole 4 feet from the top.
3. In each 1x2x4 (cross bar), drill a hole about 6 inches from each end.
4. Attach 2 of the 2x2x8’s at the top with the 5 inch bolts, washers, and wing nuts.
5. Repeat Step 4 for the remaining 2x2x8’s.
6. Spread one set of the 2x2x8’s apart. Match the lower holes on the 2x2x8’s with the holes a cross bar. Attach the cross bar to the 2x2x8’s with the 4 inch bolts, washers, and wing nuts.
7. Repeat Step 6 for the other set.
8. Bury the 2x2x8’s about 6-8" into the ground, about 7 feet apart.
8. Place the remaining 1x2x8 across each ‘V’.
Planting Instructions
1. Plant the tomato plants under the trellis
2. Cut several pieces of string that reach from the ground to the top support, plus an extra 2-3 feet.
3. Tie a piece of string gently around the base of the tomato plant, gently wrap it around a branch, and gently pull the string up to the top support. Wrap and tie the string in a slip knot around the top support.
4. Repeat step 3 for each branch of the tomato plant, and also as new branches appear.
5. As the branches grow, unwrap the string from the top support, wrap a little more string around the branch, and then re-wrap it around the top support.

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evelynopsis said...

Thanks. Looks like a great trellis and I can't wait to build one myself.