Wednesday, September 2, 2009

You say (green) tomato.....I say tasty treats

This summer hasn't been the most usual -- then again, is any summer typical when you live in Minnesota? This is one of those summers that although very lovely -- with nary a day when an air conditioner or fan needed to be used -- hasn't been the greatest for the summer harvest. Cool nights and very little rain -- it's been a challenge.

For anyone new to sustainable gardening, you might be a little less enthusiastic if your harvesting dreams are not coming to fruition as you had hoped. But fear not....unripe vegetables don't have to remain unripe and not all summers will be as cool as this.

In my own garden, which doesn't get nearly the hours of sunlight as the Giving Garden, I am now in a position of having a lot of green tomatoes. Usually by this time of year I've had so many red, yellow, orange, and "black" tomatoes (I am a fan of the heirloom), that I don't mind when the 'coons and squirrels sneak the occasional few. This summer, however, the only bounty of ripe tomatoes that I am receiving are from my cherry tomato plants. So, now I am on a quest to find things to do with softball sized green tomatoes.

Of course, I could ripen them in my cellar (and some I still will) or make "fried green tomatoes", but I was looking for something new. In my search, I came upon another blog that provided a very good recipe and some interesting commentary on green tomatoes. Check this out....and hopefully it will raise new hopes for the possibilities of your harvest!

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