Thursday, September 15, 2011

Preschool Diary's

For the past couple years the public, onsite, Bright Horizons, child development center has participated in the giving garden. The children love being out in the garden and getting dirty! Here is an excerpt from a daily parent email about one of their garden visits:
At the garden, Ms Heather and friends got to walk around the garden and check out the different vegetables, fruits and flowers that are growing. It was very exciting to see how much things have grown since our last visit. As we waited for Ms. Alison to get there we had fun running up and down the hill by the garden and played one of our favorite games of duck-duck-gray duck! When Ms. Alison got to the garden we were very excited to put on our garden gloves and get to work. :) We planted marigolds this morning, it was so much Fun! We got the opportunity to see how different marigold seeds are to green bean seeds. (very interesting.) Everyone had a turn to put some marigold seeds into the dirt and had so much fun being able to be apart of something that is so special to Blue Cross! We did such a fantastic job with the walk there and back and definitely are excited for our next garden visit! Everyone also got to take a snap pea back to school with them. They are in your child's cubby. We also came back with a tomato and a green pepper to show our friends. 

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