Sunday, September 7, 2008

Picnic Weather

Look at what we delivered to Lewis House and Mt. Calvary Food Shelf last week!

We're in picnic season now! Sweet corn, watermelon, summer squash and coleslaw (well cabbage and carrots) - and scrumptious salad greens. Not to mention potatoes for salad or baking. If only we could grow chocolate chip cookies . . .

Guess it's not a picnic without ants, though. When we were digging up the potatoes it was my job to grub through the dirt and make sure we didn't leave any behind (potatoes, not dirt). I turned up a boatload of little red ants.

I didn't get any good pictures of them because, frankly, they were creeping me out. But they weren't fire ants like we have down south. They were smaller than your usual black ants, but bigger than the little black sugar ants (frequent visitors in kitchens where I come from, and yes, I do so clean my kitchen).

So, does anyone know if they're good ants (Flora, Merryweather, Fauna) or bad ants (Maleficent)?

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