Thursday, April 22, 2010

Great Donations!

It was a great week for donations to the garden.

Friday Joan and I went to an alpaca farm to pick up two truck-loads of manure and some straw bales. What fun it was to watch the alpaca, and to play with the kittens and dogs running around.

Sunday, I went to Grazeland Farm to pick up a generous donation of Woolch. For those of you that are interested: Woolch™ is a blend of wool fibers and wood shavings. The wool is waste fiber from the yarn/blanket making process at a Minnesota woolen mill. The wood is a waste by-product created from virgin timber as it goes through the sawmill process near Cloquet, MN. These fibers are blended, sprayed with a green vegetable-based dye, and then fused together via a roller and heat process at a small industrial plant on the edge of Minnesota’s Iron Range region. See this web site for more information:
More information will be coming on the straw bales and how the Woolch works. Happy Gardening!

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