Monday, April 26, 2010

Plants won't wait for Planting

We won't be officially planting for another week or two,

but don't expect that to stop the rhubarb. or strawberries or onions or celery . . . they're all well on the way to salad.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Great Donations!

It was a great week for donations to the garden.

Friday Joan and I went to an alpaca farm to pick up two truck-loads of manure and some straw bales. What fun it was to watch the alpaca, and to play with the kittens and dogs running around.

Sunday, I went to Grazeland Farm to pick up a generous donation of Woolch. For those of you that are interested: Woolch™ is a blend of wool fibers and wood shavings. The wool is waste fiber from the yarn/blanket making process at a Minnesota woolen mill. The wood is a waste by-product created from virgin timber as it goes through the sawmill process near Cloquet, MN. These fibers are blended, sprayed with a green vegetable-based dye, and then fused together via a roller and heat process at a small industrial plant on the edge of Minnesota’s Iron Range region. See this web site for more information:
More information will be coming on the straw bales and how the Woolch works. Happy Gardening!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


A big thanks again to Ron, Bev's husband, for tilling the Giving Garden!

Now we just have to get out there and start planting.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Till We Till

The onions couldn't wait for us to start planting - they have already sprung up in their old row! Don't worry, we won't waste. We'll pick before we till. The thyme and oregano are already up, too, so we'll deliver spaghetti sauce seasonings to the food shelf.

We won't till under the onions and the herbs, but we'll have to put the kale to the test since it's in the wrong row. But that kale - it survived winter; it can survive a plow.

By the way, I tried the kale chips! Go easy on the sea salt- because somehow the kale tastes a little salty anyway. But, wait till you taste the crispy curls. Delish.