Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sharing by any other mode.... still caring.

Even if you aren't privvy to a huge lot of land to develop a caring garden, you can still grow and provide fresh food for others in need. Take my neighbor. When she bought her house, she inherited multiple raspberry and blue berry bushes, grape vines, 4 plum trees, 3 pear trees, an apricot tree, 4 cherry bushes.....and that's when I stopped counting. And believe it or not, she lives on a city lot that's no more than about 50 x 110.

Her plants produce so much more fruit than she can use, her choices are to either give it away to neighbors, donate or let it go to waste (which could also be considered a donation to the local urban wildlife).

She mainly does the latter two.

You don't have to go that crazy. But imagine what we could do together if each person took on the goal to add just one plant to their garden or home with the sole purpose of donating the produce. There are tons of local shelters, food banks, and other community groups that would appreciate donations of fresh and HEALTHY local food.

Imagine how THAT could be a change to the overall health and care of this country.

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